Comforts Premium Normal Pads 10 Pack


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New generation Comforts Premium range of bladder weakness pads and lines has been specially designed to be more absorbent and more comfortable.
After a lengthy period in market research with women who use bladder weakness pads, new generation Comforts has been designed to provide serious relief from the discomfort of a leaking bladder.
Each product in the range delivers significantly higher levels of absorbency than the previous Comforts range, whilst still delivering the natural hypo-allergenic comfort that only 100% cotton offers.
If you suffer with bladder weakness and experience discomfort and/or have irritated skin, try new Comforts.
You'll really feel the difference.
Designed for a light to medium flow, but more absorbent than many 
other "medium" level pads.
Each liner is individually wrapped for hygiene and features
a 100% chemical free natural cotton coversheet.

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