Ideal for erratic and heavy menstruation that occurs during perimenopause.‏‏‎ ‎

Made with 2 sets of wings to keep your pad in place throughout the day.

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Cottons Pre-menopause Pads are designed to cater the erratic and heavy flow women tend to have whilst going through menopause. Our pre-menopause pads have a double winged structure for extra security, are ultra-absorbent and comfortable.

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Cottons Pre-menopause Pads are made with 100% natural cotton, making them ideal for women who have sensitive or irritable skin.

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Product Details:

● Features a 100% natural cotton coversheet

● GMO free

● Features 2 sets of wings for extra protection

● Suitable for a very heavy and/or erratic flow

● Hypo-allergenic: perfect for sensitive/irritable skin

● A secure choice for active women

● Recyclable packaging

● Free from chlorine, bleach and added scents

● Free from synthetic materials

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For every pack bought... 
We donate 20c to Escabags.

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Escabags Ltd is an Australian registered charity who distribute 'Escape Bags' for victims fleeing domestic and family abuse. 

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20c from this packet of 'Cottons'/'Comforts' products are donated to Escabags!
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