The Basics Explained

What happens when your body matures? Here’s an outline to explain the journey:

From ages 8-11:

The pituitary gland (a small gland at the base of your brain) begins to produce hormones that jump-start the oestrogen to your ovaries.

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Hold up, whats ‘Oestrogen’?

Oestrogen is the hormone that is responsible for your menstrual cycle. You will grow taller, hair will start to grow in new places (such as pubic hair), the shape of your body will change, your waist and hips become
more defined, and your nipples will get bigger and a little sensitive. Unfortunately, you will also start to produce body odor.

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From ages 12-14:

Oestrogen hormones increase and your ovaries begin to produce eggs. Some girls may start to get their periods, but it’s different for everyone and it’s completely normal if you haven’t gotten your period yet.

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● Having your period means it’s possible to have a baby.

● Your body will continue to develop and grow.

● Your breasts will grow and pubic hair will thicken.

● Vaginal discharge occurs and varies from white to yellow or clear (your body does this to keep the vagina clean).

● Skin can become oily and pimples may appear.

● With hormones increasing, you may notice mood swings.

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From ages 15-18:

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Most of you will have reached the end of puberty and your period will have
established a cycle! If it hasn’t started yet and you’re concerned,
don’t hesitate to go see your doctor.